Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month- Kids

National Hispanic Heritage Month traditionally honors the cultures, contributions, and influences of both Hispanic and Latino Americans. There are 3 Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with the Lindenhurst Memorial Library and we invite you to join us.  

  1. We have an array of programming celebrating the colorful cultures, rich history, and diversity of our Hispanic American community. Check our newsletter, The Wave, or the calendar to find out what's going on.
  2. Browse our book display in the Children's Room that promote and feature Hispanic characters, culture, art, food, music, and authors.  
  3. Stop by the Children's Room every week for a pop-up craft influenced by the Hispanic American and Latino American cultures.

Here is a short list of books by Hispanic American authors to get you started on your own celebration:

Portraits of Hispanic American Heros by Juan Felipe Herrera  

Empanadas for Everyone by Jackie Azua Kramer 

Selena Gomez by Claudia Romo Edelman  

Cece Rios and the desert of souls by Kaela Rivera 

Camila the Record Breaking Star by  Alicia Salazar

Miss Quinces by Kat Fajardo  

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