The 1937 Bulldog

Dedicated to Principal Dr. Edward W. Bower.

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The 1940 Bulldog


Dedicated to Henry Michel and Mason Papps, our faculty advisers, we dedicate this 1940 Bulldog in appreciation of their untiring efforts and constant guidance during our four years.

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The 1941 Bulldog

Class of 1941

Dedicated to Faculty Advisors, Henry Michel and Louis Hirsch

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The 1942 Bulldog

Class of 1942

Dedicated to Robert Little and Henry Michel, advisors of the class of 1942.

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The 1943 Bulldog

Class of 1943

Dedicated to former Lindenhurst Students in the armed forces, who are courageously aiding their country in this dire time of need

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The 1945 Bulldog

Class of 1945

Dedicated to the former students of Lindenhurst High School who are now courageously aiding their country in this dire time of need.

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The 1946 Bulldog

Class of 1946

Dedicated to Faculty Advisors, Loretta McNulty and Ann Westhoff

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The 1947 Bulldog

Class of 1947

Dedicated to Principal Dr. Edward W. Bower, on the occasion of his retirement

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The 1948 Bulldog

Class of 1948

Dedicated to Faculty Advisor, Mrs. Dorothy Sherwood

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The 1949 Bulldog

Class of 1949

Dedicated to Faculty Advisors, Virginia P. Gerek and Mason Papps

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The 1950 Bulldog

Class of 1950

Dedicated to Faculty Advisors, Marielle Woodward and Palmer C. Francis

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The 1951 Bulldog

Class of 1951

Dedicated to Faculty Advisor, Mr. Schwartz

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The 1954 Bulldog

Class of 1954

Dedicated to The Tower Clock, for molding the school days

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The 1955 Bulldog

Class of 1955

Dedicated to the many classroom doors, that have swung wide open to admit us as students

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