Earth Day

Every year on April 22, Earth Day is celebrated around the world.  It is a day to raise awareness about keeping our planet clean and safe.  It is our responsibility to protect the place we live on.  Conferences, art displays, clean-ups, and more take place on Earth Day.  

Visit the library this Saturday and all next week to participate and learn how you can make a difference.  We’ll have a Repair Cafe where you can bring in your broken items to get fixed instead of throwing it away, the Shredding Truck, the Suffolk County Sheriff's Department to collect your unwanted medicine, and Arrow Scrap Corp. to collect metal items such as small appliances, computers, flat screen tv’s, and more for recycling.  Check the calendar to see what else we have planned and don’t forget to check out our book displays to get more ideas on how you can do more to protect the Earth year-round.

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