The Long Island Coalition Against Bullying (LICAB)

The Long Island Coalition Against Bullying was founded by by Joseph Salamone, who has served as the Executive Director since 2013 when it was founded. Mr. Salamone's and LICAB's mission as a whole, is to highlight how important bully free communities are on Long Island through education, increased awareness and through therapeutic outlets. 

LICAB's approach to combatting bullying is two fold:

1. Working on a global level focused on educating young children and staff in educational settings by partnering with schools.

2 .Working on a grassroots level within the communities they are present to support individual families impacted by bullying.

 On LICAB's website, they have a information ranging from what bullying is, the different types of bullying, information for parents on how to handle bullying and so much more. 

Also present on their webpage are different types of programs they provide ranging from school assistance to community reach and beyond to help better equip those in these settings to deal with bullying as well as help to prevent it. Learn more here! 

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