National Geographic Kids

Gale Presents: National Geographic Kids puts kids at the helm, allowing them to benefit by taking an active part in their learning. They can journey to the depths of the ocean and venture to the surface of the moon. They can trek across the globe and soar into outer space. The adventure opportunities are endless when kids virtually explore the world around them.  

Immersive, digital content engages kids. Gale Presents: National Geographic Kids puts books, videos, award-winning images, and high-quality informational texts at their fingertips. It’s simple for kids to dive into full issues of National Geographic Kids magazine or watch Amazing Animals videos. They will be transported as they go on adventures in science, history, technology, geography, culture, and everything in between.

Additionally, Gale’s built-in tools make learning accessible. Translate text into more than 40 languages, have text read aloud, and search for unknown words using Merriam-Webster's Elementary Dictionary.

Ready to start exploring? Access Gale Presents: National Geographic Kids now on the Kid's Services page to embark on an expedition of discovery.

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