September is Preparedness Month

  Preparedness Month at Your Library: 

  • Visit the Library’s Preparedness Display throughout the month to pick up your Disaster Planning information. 

  • Register now for Are You Prepared for the Unexpected on Wednesday, September 13 at 6:30pm. Join our special guests for an active shooter and basic survival strategies program and learn about preparing your medical and legal documents before an emergency strikes.  


FEMA’s 2023 Theme: “Take Control in 1, 2, 3” 

This year’s campaign will focus on preparing older adults for disasters, specifically older adults from communities impacted by the all-hazard events, which continue to threaten the nation.   

  • Older adults can face greater risks when it comes to the multitude of extreme weather events and emergencies if they are living alone, have a disability or live in rural areas. Visit and these website to assist and in support of older adult communities.  

  • Step 1: Make a Plan Today

    • Household Plan

      • Know where you will meet after an emergency 
      • Pick 2 places – one right outside your home, and another outside the neighborhood, church, community center, library 
      • Plan for everybody’s needs including seniors, people with disabilities, children, pets and service animals   
      • Involve children. Ask kids to think of items they would like to include in the kit, books, games    
      • Make a Go-To kit filled with emergencies supplies. Pack the items in easy-to-carry containers. Be sure they are ready to use.  
      • Keep it fresh. Check the expiration dates on food, water, medicine and batteries at least twice a year. Replace any supplies that have expired.   
      • Assemble and make copies of vital documents and contact information for each family member.   
    • Vital Records

      • Store paper copies in a waterproof and fireproof box, safe, or bank deposit box. Leave copies with trusted relatives or friends. Secure electronic copies with strong passwords and save them on a flash or external hard drive in your waterproof box or safe. 

    • Car Kits

      • A properly inflated spare tire, wheel wrench and tripod jack 
      • Jumper cables, flashlight and extra batteries 
      • Compass, First Aid Kit, Reflective vest, tool kit, reflective triangles  
      • Car Charger, Fire Extinguisher, Duct Tape, Snow brush, shovel,  
      • Blankets, warm clothing, rain poncho 
      • Non-perishable high-energy food items, drinking water 
      • Make a list of family and Emergency phone numbers, auto insurance provider, and towing company.  



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