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You Choose Books: An Interactive Fairy Tale Adventure

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Have you ever read a book and wondered “what if the character did this?” or “what if the book ended this way instead?” In the You Choose Books series, each fairy tale adventure immerses you into the story giving you three twisted paths to go down. 

Cinderella by Jessica Gunderson; Illustrated by Ayesha Rubio; Reading Age: 8-12 years

Complete with a pumpkin, Prince Charming, and a couple of evil step sisters, choose between a medieval past, a modern pizza working present, or a futuristic space story.  Will Cinderella make it to the ball or will her evil stepmother and step sisters get their way?

Sleeping Beauty by Jessica Gunderson; Illustrated by Mariano Epelbaum; Reading Age: 8-12 years

Choose between Princess Rose’s story or the evil fairy, Millicent’s, story.  The Princess just wants to have a fun birthday but Millicent is angry she didn't get an invite.  Who's side will you choose? 

Hansel and Gretel by Matt Doeden; Illustrated by Sabrina Miramon; Reading Age: 8-12 years

Travel through an alien-filled space world where you must beat a candy hungry alien blob. Or get sucked into a Virtual Reality game where a dark and dangerous world await Hansel and Gretel.

With over 40 different choices and 20 endings, your adventures may never end.  Will it be a happily ever after or will the villain rule the story?  Only you can decide.

For more fun and interactive fairy tales, join us at the library on Tuesday, July 16th for our Guinea Pig Celebration Show presented by the Guinea Pig Funny Farm.  Their lovable guinea pigs will help tell a fairy tale story, share a craft, and bring a smile to everyone’s face.  Visit our events calendar to register today.

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