"When Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig Barnstormed Against Addie Klein’s Lindy Nine "

Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig were good friends and enjoyed visiting Lindenhurst to dine and fish at Barnacle Bill’s restaurant and docks on Montauk Highway along with other teammates. One of their fishing buddies was Addie Klein, the manager of the local amateur Lindenhurst Athletic Club’s baseball team, considered one of the best in the county. As many players did at the time, the two stars would form teams of other major leaguers and “barnstorm”, arranging exhibition games against local teams during the off-season, for a share of the gate. The afternoon of Saturday, October 18, 1930 was the date set for a game at Meridale Park, a diamond located on the north side of Montauk Highway at 2nd Street, between a team of major leaguers, including Babe and Lou, and Addie Klein’s Lindy Nine.

Below is a permanent exhibit at the Lindenhurst Village Museum (272 South Wellwood Avenue) commemorating this exciting event that was still recalled decades later by many of the estimated 4,000 fans who were there. The exhibit includes the original poster advertising the game, photos from the game itself, a baseball autographed by The Babe and artifacts and equipment from the Lindenhurst ball club.

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