Brainfuse CollegeNow

Help & Guides

CollegeNow's Key Features Include:

  • Application Resources: Patrons can access materials such as SAT/ACT preparation guides, essay writing resources, recommendation letter tips, and more, ensuring they are well-prepared to craft college applications.
  • Admissions Interview Resources: CollegeNow equips patrons with the tools and knowledge to excel in admissions interviews, boosting their confidence and increasing their chances of securing a coveted spot at their dream colleges.
  • Financial Aid Resources: CollegeNow service provides resources for informed college financial planning, including information on scholarships, loans, and expert guidance on completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).
  • Live Guidance Counselors: Expert online guidance counselors are available to offer personalized assistance throughout the college application process. Whether it's help with application forms, essay composition, financial aid navigation, or interview preparation, CollegeNow’s experienced counselors are ready to support patrons at every turn.
  • Writing Lab: CollegeNow includes a Writing Lab that offers patrons a unique opportunity to enhance the quality and effectiveness of their college entrance essays. Through this feature, patrons receive personalized and comprehensive feedback, helping them to stand out in the highly competitive admissions process.